Welcome to Resilent Studios

Hello everyone and welcome to my home and splodge on the net, otherwise known as Resilent Studios. The website is currently under construction at the moment but you are more than welcome to have a look around, conments and crits are deeply welcomed. Currently learning CSS, and how to use it in designs, strange new world when you're used to table based designs to be honest.


Also please check out my blog for various happenings and updates such as random art spammage and new crafts and ideas that i am currently working on <3


Hope everyone is having a great day!

~ Gem


Recent Updates:


Just some random tinkerings, i've been working more on learning crochetting recently. I've seen some really nice charity schemes that i'd like to join in with but i think i need a lot more practise. I think i'm taking on too much though all at once, a bad habit i suppose, easier to keep yourself busy than to not be busy enough?