About the Artist

My name is Gemma, and there's not much to me really - well not much on the surface. I'm 23 years old and am an illustrator, web designer, and full time dreamer i suppose. Currently battling through various issues in my life to try and find purpose and to find my own recovery.


Name: Gemma

Starsign: Capricorn (Oh, dear)

Loves: Anime, art, design, dance, music, my cats, crafts

Hates: Ignorance as a reason for hate, people who abuse others. That there's so much war in the world. Anxiety/depression.


Tools of choice: Sai painter, Opencanvas, Oekaki boards, photoshop, illustrator and dreamweaver. And ofcourse, notepad, my old trusty friend.


What do you use for your drawing/web design:

A lot of things have changed in recent years, i used to be a notepad and frontpage fanatic, strongly disliking dreamweaver :p it used to frustrate me in university, even when i went back to do it in college. But now i've taken time to learn it myself from scratch it seems a lot more fun than before. So at the moment i use dreamweaver and notepad, for coding. Also photoshop and Sai painter/open canvas for most artwork. Taking time to currently dabble with traditional media and also corel painter.


What's with the obsession with butterflies?

To be honest i don't know, they've always been my favourite thing in the world to draw. Probably because even in their short time on the earth they bring such happiness to people who see them and their freedom, as they wander where they please. Plus no two butterflies ever seem the same, all different, so it doesn't matter if i don't comply and not draw them as the norm xD


Where did you get the desktop cam?

Ah! my favourite piece of software <3 show the dev some love and donate if you use it. It's called SCWebCam from HarmessLion.com


Can i use [insert picture/layout here] for [insert reason/useage]?

I'd rather you ask me before hand, and then i can say yay or nay - i don't bite ^^; but taking stuff without permission is a no-no and I'd not be a happy mouse.


OMG your art suxxors but i want a picture! Can you draw me one?

If i have time i can draw requests for free, and would prefer them to be free, or even art trades. But if it is a request it doesn't hurt if you'd like to add a tip for doing the picture ^^ it'd help me keep this site running and me alive <3 so you'd probably get a more love filled pic :D *hint hint* Drop me an email with your request and we'll take it from there ^^


You are rubbish at FAQ's do you know that?

Yep ^^ suggest questions then it might be a lot less rubbish xD honestly I'm bad at thinking what to ask myself.. because i am me xD