Writing and musings

When verbal communication isn't really your forte you tend to use other means for communication, for me it was artwork and writing. Warning: The content of the public diaries, poems, stories etc. may have content that may be triggering as they are open and honest and direct. I may discuss things to do with eating disorders, self harm or anxiety related issues, please if you feel like you could be triggered by such discussion please i plore you not to view.


I'd be deeply upset if i knew that i hindered anyones recovery or health by my self expression. Thanks for understanding.




Hole in the bucket of dreams

So.. so this is goodbye?

I wrote a letter today

I'll smile. You'll see.

Of coffee cups and suicide

Seaside Salvation

I'm Sorry

A Deadly Comfort

Slipped Away

Mirror Image


Short stories:

Go away! I need you..

Jumping bridges (to chase digital Starlight)